Please sign this petition requesting David Cameron to make bullying a criminal offence

Another tragic and senseless loss of a young life due to bullying.

Quote from the petition:

"On November 6th, we lost a beautiful young lady. Morgan Lauren Dodds took her own life. She was a bright intelligent girl with so much to live for. She was talented and pretty and brought joy to so many people she knew. Her smile was infectious. 

But behind her beautiful smile, she was hurting inside. Hurting enough to end her life. She was 15. She has left behind a ripple of devastation and pain amongst family and friends. This was all because of bullies."

Together we have a stronger voice and can make changes happen in our communities. This petition already has over 10,000 signatures. Many of the people have left comments and it is heart breaking to read how widespread bullying has become in schools and how little is done to stop or discipline the perpetrators or support those who are targeted. It's a very sad society we live in when we cannot protect our youth.

Apologies for having to copy and paste this link.  I am having problems making links live on this blog.

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