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Jodie Marsh was most previously known for her work as a glamour model and more recently as a body builder. But there is more to this lady than meets the eye, she was severely bullied as a teen which took her years to recover from. She has now reclaimed her confidence and is passionate about increasing anti-bullying awareness in schools around the UK. xmlns:dm="

Jodie recently teamed up with Alex Holmes an anti-bullying promoter and campaigner for the Diana Award Trust. There were two hour long documentaries on Channel 5 about their work in UK schools.  I found myself crying during both episodes, partly because of the unneccessary pain and loss suffered by some children and their parents and partly because of the wonderful work that is taking place. My wish is for all schools to adopt these positive strategies to combat bullying in schools.

Nick Vujicic was born with no arms and no legs. He was bullied during his school and growing up years while also coming to terms with his permanent disabilities. This has not stopped this inspirational man from enjoying his life, not only that he visits schools and workplaces sharing with others how to make the most of their lives and how important it is to have compassion for one another and treat others with kindness.  He opens the hearts of everyone who meets him.

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